Prepare your ride (and yourself) for the cold weather

Nobody likes a breakdown. Believe it or not, it’s more avoidable than you would think.  Going down a simple check list at the beginning of the Fall season can save you money and even more precious, your time.  The Parts Guru’s checklist below will help our GM Parts House customers do a basic inspection in 20 minutes with just the use of a good flashlight!

If you’re going to spring an antifreeze leak, this is the time when it usually happens! If your over 50,000 miles you need to look very closely at your Radiator, Hoses, Water Pump and Thermostat housing.  Check all mating areas for residue or liquid. Most leaks do not just pour out, they most likely started as a drip.  Crusty areas are not normal and are signs of slow leaks.  When this is found near hoses and thermostat housings these issues need to be replaced.

                Water pumps can be quite a nuisance when they go. Often the pump starts leaking slowly, dripping down the back side of the pulley and evaporate due to heat before it hits the ground. You should check for pulley “play” and feel the underside for sticky or wet areas.  When a water pump lets loose, you WILL be stuck. Let’s avoid that. Most water pumps are inexpensive and can easily be done DIY at home.  It is much easier to repair the problem before total breakdown of the part overheats your engine

Hoses are some of the most overlooked item on a car.  Just because it looks fine at a quick glance does not mean all is well.  Hoses should be felt by hand first off. A soft, mushy feeling hose absolutely needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Hoses as such are the ones that will rupture randomly. Let’s also keep in mind though the opposite extreme also can lead to a breakdown. Hard, brittle hoses will crack and leak.  Replace at 50k to ensure dependability.

                Gaskets and all housing areas need to be checked as well.  Here you will typically see a “chalky” build up if a gasket is at the end of Its life expectancy.  Thermostat housings especially need to be checked. (Don’t forget anytime you open your cooling system you should change your thermostat!)

Email us today for a quote.  Feel free to send images if your trying to figure out what is leaking or for recommendations on possibly fixes.  Here at we know YOUR parts.  

We Can Help You Buy and Install GM Parts!

To all of you GM lovers who moonlight as amateur mechanics, we have good news: Spring is here!

It’s time to prep the garage and get ready to fully immerse yourself in your favorite past time: working on cars. However, as enthusiastic as we may be about this time of year, not all of us understand all the goings-on under our hoods. Some of us don’t want to spend too much money. And some of us just don’t have time to go to a local parts store.

If any of that sounds like you, or if you’re just a regular Joe who likes to make sure he’s doing things the right way, my team here at GM Parts House can help. Here’s how:

We’ll Give You Instructions

You may not have known this, but we can send you instructions on how to install most of the products we ship. Not only do you have the option to receive them digitally via email, but we’ll also print them and send them to you if you don’t count yourself among the rest of the digitally savvy masses.

I want to let you all know that if you’re looking to buy Cadillac tune up parts or buy Buick accessories online, we can give you instructions on how to do so. I should mention that we also have parts for many, many more parts for GM makes and models as well.

You Can Browse and Search Our Inventory Online

Anxious about going to your local car parts store because you’re not sure of how to go about finding what you need? Maybe you just don’t have the time. In any case, we understand.

Not all of us know how to find exactly what we’re looking for in a store. Here at GM Parts House, we have our entire inventory online. So if you need help finding something, you can simply search for it; or, you can shoot us an email at and we’ll be glad to help you find exactly what you need.

We Just Lowered Our Prices

We can give you instructions to install your parts, AND we can help you find what you need. But did you know we can also save you money?

One of the benefits of buying from a factory dealer like us is the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting the lowest possible price. Here at GM Parts House, we are proud to be an official GM Distributor.

Check out our inventory for whatever you need GM parts-wise. We have it all!

Tips From The Parts Guru: How To Buy GMC, Buick, and Cadillac Accessories Onli

Dear Fellow GM Enthusiasts,

For those of you with whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure of becoming acquainted, allow me to introduce myself: I’m the Parts Guru (Goo, for short). Now that we’ve exchanged pleasantries, I’ll drop the formality and direct the conversation straight to the point.

The verdict is in: It sucks when stuff breaks. Regardless of the consensus, though, stuff will continue to break. In fact, history tells us that for as long as we’ve had stuff, it has broken. Furthermore, the past also tells us that people have always approached broken stuff in the following three-step process: 

1. Pretend to know what happened.

2. Try to fix it.

3. Fail and either hire an expert, or get new stuff.

There was once a time that broken stuff could be remedied with the knowhow of its owner, because stuff was so hard to come by that one had to make one’s own stuff, thereby making one an expert in all things related to one’s stuff. Nowadays, that perpetual expertise is practically extinct because the modern person does not make stuff: He or she acquires it. Given that, we should add a fourth step to the aforementioned process that reads something like, Slam keyboard until search engine tells us what we want to hear. However, some of us -- take you and me for instance -- still know something about stuff, even if we didn’t make it. 

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you own a set of wrenches and a GM car or truck that you occasionally use those wrenches on. So, whether you’re here because you have to replace some broken stuff on your Chevy or because you want to buy GMC accessories online, read on for a few tips about what to consider when buying stuff for your car on the internet.

Look for Deals

Do a little research and see if you can find a deal. Most online retailers offer stuff at prices that are lower than what you’d find in a store. It’s also easier to find discounts if you spend a little time combing through a website’s pages. 

Consult the Message Boards

Gone are the days when you knew all your neighbors and felt comfortable soliciting their consultation before making a purchase. Today, we have message boards, which can be quite useful, especially when you’re looking to save money on buying car parts. If you look around for a little while, chances are you’ll come across some useful advice about the sites you should avoid, and the sites you should visit to get what you need. 

Make Sure You’re Buying the Right Thing

Whether you’re ordering a taillight or an engine, you have to be sure your shopping cart has the exact thing you want before you click that final “Yes” button. 

Verify That What You’re Buying is GM Certified

Again, this one requires a little research. I know, I know, we want stuff the easy way and we want it now. Alas, the time you think you’re saving shopping online will ultimately be used, well, shopping online. However, with sites like ours, finding certified parts is a breeze because that’s all we carry. Everything from our Corvette shift control cables to our Cadillac accessories are available for you to buy online with a guarantee that you are purchasing genuine GM parts. 

Don’t wait until that subtle rattling under the hood becomes a thunderous vibrating. Even if it’s not an emergency, we probably have what you’re looking for to upgrade or personalize your car. Take a look at our selection of certified GM parts and use your newly-acquired internet car stuff buying knowledge to buy the right parts or accessories online for your Buick, Chevy, or other GM model. 


The Parts Guru

Why Buying Performance Parts from a Certified Dealer is More Beneficial 

If you’re like me, an avid GM enthusiast, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for the best deal you can get for the next part you need. You’ll stop at nothing to give your GM vehicle the enhancement it needs, whether it be an aesthetic upgrade, an increase in horsepower, or an improved torque. Whatever your reasoning may be, only the finest OEM parts will be able to achieve the unique vision you have for your ride. But, the market for parts is like a race track maze – everywhere you turn, there are retailers boasting that they have the best products for the greatest value. The choice is usually between certified GM dealers or independent aftermarket sellers; but which one is worth your dollar? 

I for one, choose to stick with certified dealers like my ultimate parts haven, GM Parts House. Here’s why.

 Dealer Knowledge at Your Fingertips

When you aren’t sure which part would be the best option for achieving your customized vehicle goal, an experienced associate who is knowledgeable specifically in GM auto can help. Too many times often, an independent reseller is just out for your money and does not contain the level of knowledge that dealers have. By buying from a dealer, you can feel at ease knowing that their experts can assist you with your buy.   

Expert Assistance from Trained Dealer Associates

If you can’t trust the source you are buying from, then how can you trust that the part is good quality? You can’t. Dealers are employed with certified and trained associates who know the ins and outs of the GM auto brand. This gives your purchase credibility, since expert assistance is always available to help you find the part you need.

Available Dealer Warranties that Guarantee the Performance of Every Part

To put it bluntly, independent resellers do not provide GM policy warranties on their parts and accessories. Dealers do. If the part breaks or needs repair, you can have comfort in knowing that it will be backed by its warranty. Doesn’t get any better than that, right?   

Low Industry Pricing

The best reason to buy from a dealer? Two words: discount prices. When looking for GM vehicle parts, quality matters, and at a dealer, you get the finest products at the best rates. With the extra cash saved from your part purchase, you can put it towards your next vehicle project. At GM Parts House, you’ll find spoilers, intakes, exhausts, suspensions, brakes, wheelsets and more available at low industry pricing.

As a GM driver, you are bound to reap these benefits when you turn to a dealer to source you with the parts you need. If you’re looking to buy parts and accessories online for your GMC or other GM model, take a cruise through our website or email for inquiries.  

Got a C7? Interested in upgrading it? Got no idea where to start? Fret no more, because we put this blog post together to give you a few ideas on where to get started!

Splash Guards

That bold Corvette design sure does make a statement, doesn’t it? That shiny paint and sleek body give off an air of tenacity. Anyone seen behind the wheel of C7 is surely someone who is saying something. However, some 7th generation Corvette owners suffer the misfortune of indirectly saying “I need a paint job,” because they didn’t have the foresight to invest in splash guards. 

Whether this sounds like you or it sounds like something you want to prevent, you can rest assured that your car will saying anything but “Paint me!” if you invest in a set of splash guards for your C7. With them, you’ll keep water, mud, and kicked up rocks from damaging the body of your pride and joy. 

Z06 Parts

Do you wish you could make your Stingray was more like a Z06 without spending an extra $25K? Wouldn’t it be nice to upgrade that base model with a few Z06 parts? Well, wish and want no more, because you can! 

There is a slew of Z06 parts available to enhance your Stingray’s downforce performance, braking, cooling, and handling, such as:

  • 600-Watt Radiator Fan to replace the standard 500-watt. This allows better airflow for an enhanced cooling capacity.
  • Z06 Brake Kit for models that have the Z51 Package
  • Z06 Quarter Panel Vents for an approximated 25% airflow improvement
  • Z06 Rear Transmission Cooler to pair with the quarter panel vents.
  • Z06 Carbon Fiber Underbody Braces, which are 17% lighter than the standard braces.
  • Z06 Carbon Fiber Torque Tube and Driveshaft Couplers

There’s a lot more, too. This is just a sampling. If you’re interested in more, check out our inventory or shoot us an email to see what we have in stock.


Sometimes, it’s not enough just to have a Corvette. For those out there with a thirst to really make their Corvettes speak volumes about themselves, we’re here to tell you that you can really make your Corvette your own with a few personalized touches, like those below.

  • Ground Effects – Literally light the way for yourself with some ground effects. With these under the car, you’ll be glowing and growling your way to the front of the or across the finish line – deepening on what you want.
  • Premium Floor Mats – With a set of premium, OEM floor mats, you can dramatically upgrade the interior of your C7.
  • Decals – Decals and stripes down the side of the exterior of a C7 bring a different, unique kind of energy. 

Here at GM Parts House, we’ve been supplying Corvette owners with the parts they need to personalize and upgrade their cars since 2005. Whether it’s to enhance performance or cosmetics, we’ve been the Corvette community’s top choice for parts. Take a look around our site or drop us a line to find out what we can offer you and your C7 today!